5 Concrete Patio Ideas for 2019

5 Concrete patio ideas worth checking out.

Concrete Patio Ideas

Ideas for outdoor patios in 2019 are filled with stamped and decorative ideas, because concrete technology and costs have made it simple to make beautiful spaces for your outdoors.

Our speciality at Preferred 1 Concrete is concrete patios of all kinds. We’re passionate about helping home owners design functional outdoor spaces at a good value. We execute flawlessly, and our reviews show that.

Take a look at some of these ideas and we’d love to have a conversation about your Minnesota concrete patio. If you’re ready to discuss your project contact us today!

Patio Idea #1

Utilizing smaller square footage, this stamped concrete patio enhances your backyard and remains naturally beautiful for an extended amount of time. The small steps and winding curves, this will perfectly decorate your outdoor area.

Patio Idea #2

With planning and foresight, pouring the perfect backyard event space is within your grasp.  This idea incorporates a circular design, enhancing the usage of the fireplace. The stacked rocks accomplishes a perfect ledge for sitting around a fire, as well as containing any mess made.

Patio Idea #3

Investing in your outdoor area is essential for a homes finished look. This two level stamped concrete patio leaves ample space for landscaping and furniture design.

Patio Idea #4

Even a simple, clean edged attachment will be perfectly suited for entertaining guests. With contrasting grey tones, this design will undoubtedly refurbished any monotonous backyard issues.

Patio Idea #5

For a complex and confident finish, this pavilion centric strategy will surely wow guests. Incorporating a fireplace, hot tub, and cooking station, this stamped concrete patio will make outside your new inside.

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5 Concrete Patio Ideas for 2019

5 Concrete patio ideas worth checking out.