6 Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas 2020

6 Other Concrete Patio Ideas

Stamped Concrete

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When you think of concrete, what comes to mind are large slabs of grey in a basement or garage. What we don’t think of is stamped concrete.

Stamped concrete starts with the same grey concrete we’re all used to – and then takes it a step further. Using color additives and textured patterns, stamped concrete can be used in a variety of different ways.

Patio –  Stamped concrete can be used to create a patio of any shape and size. The concrete can also look like any stone that you like, from anywhere in the world.  (image link here)

Walkway – Stamped concrete can be used to create a beautiful walkway using patterns that are everything from traditional to modern. (image source here).

Outdoor Fire Pits – If you’re looking for a place to spend chilly fall evenings, you may want to consider an outdoor fire-pit made from stamped concrete. (image source here)

Interior Flooring – Stamped concrete can also be used on the inside of your home. A plain floor can be transformed into a beautiful and durable new surface. (image source here)

Driveways – Used in a more traditional location, stamped concrete can transform our driveway from bland to outstanding. (image source here)

Pool Decks – An already beautiful pool area can be taken to the next level. (image source here)

If you’re considering stamped concrete for an outdoor project of your own, browse our work for more inspiration. When you’re ready to take the next step in turning your vision into reality, contact us! We’ve got years of experience installing top-notch concrete patios and we would be honored to help with yours.

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6 Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas 2020

6 Other Concrete Patio Ideas

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